Florida Child Support Doesn’t Care About Kids

by Monica

I just received a copy of the enforcement actions that Virginia has requested. This was for the state of Florida to enforce on the arrearages and monthly payments owed. In ten attempts on Virginia's behalf just this year of 2009, Florida has only responded to three. I am owed arrearages of $10,000 and when this all started 3 years ago, I was only owed arrearages of $3,000 in the state of Florida.

Florida is only worried about the person who is not paying their court ordered child support of $306.00 a month for two children. They have no care or consideration for the children that are not receiving any assistance from the non-custodial parent.

I have complied with all the requests of information from the agency and delivered information needed for the case to continue for enforcement. I have given information of his recent work history up to one year 08-09, (place,date,time). I have given information of his own financial affidavit from court stating that he lives in a $250,000 home and has $13,000 in assets. I also provided his bank account information for their convenience.

I FEEL DISCRIMINATED AGAINST as a parent trying to collect child support through the state of Florida. They are more worried about him than they are about children.

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How can we help you
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Monica,

Thanks for sharing your frustration with us. Is there anything we can help you with? Please let us know by responding back to this post


beyond frustrated
by: monica

can you tell me if i have a discrimination case against the florida child support enforcement agency due to everything i have been through? i really need some advice. i feel that the non custodial parent may be getting preferential treatment due to possibly knowing someone in the local office.
i also want to know if there has been good results from the national child support program? i have the paper work to fill out. the only concern is the percentage they take out. please help me know what direction to go into.

Can't Sue Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Unfortunately, you can't sue a government agency like child support. There are laws preventing this. However, you can press the issue legally to get the discrimination to stop.

Also, we don't know that much about the National Child Support program. It appears to be a legitimate agency. It's just a matter of is the percentage that they take worth it to you or not. In some cases it may be better to receive something versus having no hope of ever collecting child support.

Do you happen to know what the percentage is that they charge once they collect the support? Please respond via this post.


When Will Father's Get What's Right?
by: Bradley

I rescued my daughter from her mother because she had no job, no home, and no structure. I was awarded custody and the left the child support up to the child support agency. Her mother and I had set up an agreement to split the daycare... Just daycare.

It worked out to like $25 a week. She didn't make her part the agreement and after many attempts to work with her, I decided to file for child support April 2011. I have not received any letters from CS and when I call, they say that legal is still reviewing it. It's now January 26th, 2012 and I still have not heard anything new.

I feel like I am being discriminated against because I KNOW that a single mother would have this taken care of for them right away. What's funny is that I provided ALL required paperwork just like everyone else would have to do. Can anyone help??

I know personally
by: valerye

I live in Florida and am trying to get the child support office moving. My son's father hasn't paid anything in over a year (only because the IRS gave me his income tax) and my daughter's father it has been 5 long yrs. They claim they can't do anything because they collect food stamps/cash assistance. So because I work to provide and they live off the government I get screwed! FLORIDA STATE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE KIDS, JUST THE DEADBEATS THAT WALK OUT!

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