Filing For Child Support On Ex

by Leilany gutierrez
(Phoenix az)

Hello, i live in the state of Arizona!! In phoenix. I am currently very stressed out about the whole child support issue!! My baby is 2 months old he was born April 2, 2010! His dad hasn't been very helpful at all, he will give me 50 dollars or 100 every two weeks!! Me and the baby are currently on ahcccs and his dad has a very good paying job, he makes almost $70,000 a year!!

He is currently paying child support for his daughter from another relationship, he pays the other girl 800.00 a month!!! So my question is this!!! Will my son receive less than what his daughter receives?? Will me not having a job make him receive less, and if i need to take my son to daycare so i can look for a job will child support pay for that??? Please help me, i am very lost!!!!

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Leilany,

The amount your son will receive is undetermined. Actually his other child's amount may be lowered. They will consider both children when they calculate an amount. It is important that you open a case and get the ball moving. Now if you are on assistance, they will take the majority of your child support payment. Does he visit the child? Is he just paying you under the table, not through the system?


by: Leilany

No he hasent seen his son in two and a half months, and i dont recive cash assistance just medical that i got thru out my pregnancy!!!

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