Fighting For Child Support And Fathers Rights

by Jones
(Coshocton, Ohio)

My wife and I, get my daughter the same amount of time as the mother each week. The mother has full control still, and we have been to court and tried to fight this. The county we live in favors the mother side and does not want to break up the mother and child. We have got the mother on so many contempt of court charges and domestic violence charges. Now we are dealing with children services who is letting the child stay with the mother. The child's doctor said not to let the child go back in to the home due to abuse, and within the last two months the child who is five said that the mother's boyfriend son is touching her girl parts. The boy is in high school. Children Services was call the night we were told and talked to the child at school and then at the mothers home. Children Services said that the child said nothing bad about the mother. The mother works in a family owned bar who takes the child in while she is drinking, and children services has been called and all they said was that they were not making the child drink, so it was alright for the child to be in the bar.

The child can tell you what the mother and boyfriend do with each other at night. How does a five year old know that the boy part gets hard and the mother sits on him naked? Again children services do nothing at all. What is the purpose of Children Services if they only step in when a child dies. My problem with the visitation guidelines is that the father or non resident, has to do all the driving picking up and dropping off. We have picked up the child and then the mother follows use into town so she can work. Also why should the father have to carry insurance, but the mother does not. Or why does the father have to pay so much in the child's medical expenses. The father has to pay child support even though the time is split the same. Who wants to drop the child off at 10am Christmas morning? The rest of the holidays from 6pm the night before the holiday then 8pm on the holiday. The child has school the next day, so why can’t it be changed.

The world has changed and fathers have stepped up, so why are we still going by what was wrote back in the 1980's. How are my bills my child's bills. The child support should be for clothes, food and medical bills. Not for bills or legal things that the mother is into or to her car payment. Someone needs to take a stand and get some things changed. Then maybe fathers will have more people backing them up and support them. My wife and I have always picked up the child when the mother had a party to attend, or had bigger plans than the child. I have never been late on child support, and I always get involved in the child’s school. We go to court and fight and fight and fight. All in all, the court does not want to break up the bond between mother and child. So really where are the fathers rights. Why don't we have a say. The child has been to so many doctors and on so many medications. We have one doctor, one dentist, and one vision doctor.

Since 2005 the child has been on every kind of medication and it is just fine for the mother to take her to many doctors within one week one month just to get what the mother wants. Again the father has no say just pay your bill and you can see your child when it is your time. I feel bad about fathers who only get to see their child every Wednesday and every other weekend. Now those fathers never miss their children but again you fathers still have to pay all the bills. No wonder why mothers stay home they get enough child support to pay all the monthly bills. I am asking who do I need to talk to about my issues and I do believe that they need to change. And someone needs to take a stand and fight. I am asking many people where to start I have contacted the Governor but he has yet to respond back to me.

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Hang in there
by: Child Support America Team Member


We can surely understand your frustration and thanks your post. Although it can be a unfair and long process, keep fighting for your kids. Especially, if they are in a bad situation as explained in your post.

Also, it all depends on what type of judge you have when filing for custody. The laws have changed, and there are still some good judges out there, who really care about this child's best interest. Be sure to keep accurate records of all the bad things that go on in the child's life when they are in the mothers care. Get copies of medical and school records and things of that nature. It sounds like you have a good case already, but physical proof will be much better.

How long have you and your wife been actively getting the child? You can respond via this post.


Reply Back
by: Jones

My wife and I have been married since December of 2005. We have got my child every weekend Fridays till Sunday evens. The beginning of 2006 we went to court and in writing got it to be every Thursday evening at 7:30 till Monday mornings at 7:30am. I am lucky compared to fathers who don't get to see their child. I am fighting everyday, today I filed two contempt of courts on the mother. This process is never ending but this is what needs to be done for the child to be safe and happy.

We Agree
by: Child Support America Team Member

Well, thank you for stepping up, and being a real father to your child. We are also glad that your wife is playing a positive role in all this as well.

Stay positive, keep fighting, and contact us anytime with any other questions or concerns you may have.


Men have no rights in OH
by: Bruce

Got laid off, asked for a modification via my attorney. Judge doubled my payments instead stating payments are based on what I used to if I could go to bank & get a car loan based on what I used to make.
This put me into an arrearage mode which I'm still paying to this day despite my children being adults now.
Recently learned Ohio charges 10% interest, so like a credit card, I will never be out of hock. Paid $5000 in past three years and no dent in arrearages.
An attorney arranged for a suitable monthly payment in '05 & it's paid faithfully every month. Our biz went under a few months ago (still being paid)& got a notice tripling payments again. There is no rational or common sense from what I can see. Former lawyer who arranged previous payment is now a judge & won't return calls to see if something can be done.

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