Fifty Eight Thousand In Child Support Arrears Since 1989

by Mike C
(South Carolina USA)

I got married in 1983 to a young lady whom already had an infant child. In 1984 my new wife and I had a daughter together. In 1986 we had a son and I found out in 1988 the boy was not mine. I was shocked but did not leave my wife.

That same year in 1988 while still married to me my wife went to the Department of Social Services and got a section 8 apartment in the projects and moved out while I sleep one night. I was so bewildered I left the state of SC and moved to Wash DC.

I later learned that my wife went to social services and they granted her a lawyer and went to court without my knowledge and divorced me. I was not there because I was not told. My wife had my address in Washington DC and even brought the kids from time to time to see me and I always gave her money from month to month for the kids.

I always had health insurance for them and dental. I visited at least twice a year and bought clothes for school, etc. sometimes they stayed with me thru summer vacation. I moved back to SC in 1997 and again took care of them as always. Taking them to school and buying school clothes dental and medical insurance etc. In 2002 I got a letter from the Department of Social Services in the county where my wife lives and they told me that I owed child support.

I wrote them back and told them there must be some kind of mistake because I always took care of the kids even the ones that were not mine and I never heard from them again until this September 2010 money was taken out of my paycheck and a letter threating to take my income taxes was mailed to me.

I called the Department of Social Services office and they gave me the run around like they did not know what was going on. They said I had 58,000 in the arrears and that I was suppose to also be paying current child support. I told them that the kids were grown and in their late 20,s and in the military. The lady finally got up and got some kind of paper file and stated oh there mistake I owe about 40,000 because they see that the kids are grown.

The courthouse lady said come in and see the judge because I have a bench warrant since 1989. I told her I have been living in SC since 1997 with a SC drivers license and the same address. I worked in SC since 1997 how come they are making this false claim now.

She said they could not find me when in fact I have gotten speeding tickets in 1998 and again in 2000 no warrant came up and also I wroted them a letter in 2002 stating that they were wrongfully accusing me. I told my emloyer that I needed a few days off and explained what was going on and they told me not to come to work (at a hospital) with a bench warrant and then terminated me stating I left the area.

I'm unemployed now and I have been married to a wonder (2nd wife) woman for 12 years and we have a 8 year old and now broke and jobless. Help Please!!!!

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