Fiance Owes Michigan Child Support Arrears

by Hope

Does this affect me when I marry him? I also collect child support from the father of my children (my ex-husband). Are the two cases considered separate or should I fear possibly losing my child support to pay my fiance's arrears, or fear that his owing will hurt my financial credit?

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just my 2 cents
by: Anonymous

Hi I am not a lawyer just another mom but I am one who collected child support as well as one who paid it so....
You getting married should not have any impact upon your child's support. Unless your new husband adopts your child then it may. You new husband's support arrears should not involve you personally but can and will impact upon your life together. You are not liable for his child support debt but if they place him in jail or take away his driver's license you will be impacted by it.

My child support arrears negatively impacted and destroyed a large part of my life. Because it affected me it impacted upon my husband. I lost my driver's license which caused me to lose my job and be unable to obtain another,( no employment no payment it is a vicious circle) i ended up in jail for driving on a suspended before I knew it was or even that I was ordered to pay support(a mistake was made and corrected 3 years later but...) My husband had to pay all the fines from my driving on a suspended with money we did not and do not have. Oh and our vehicle which is financed in my name is in a storage facility because it can not be tagged, insured or driven as long as my DL is suspended all due to a child support arrears.

I am not saying you will have any problems but this is some of what happened to me and not only was the order of child support a mistake it took the 2 years to tell me I was supposed to pay it at all LOL

by: Child Support America Team Member

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