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Fathers Rights in Child Support

fathers rights in child support

We discussed the first part of this topic of fathers rights in child support years ago. The page is called fathers rights and is another great read about this issue. We also covered child and visitation as well. This particular page covers more of the moral and legal aspects of dealing with the issues of both fathers rights and child support.

Let us start by saying that a non-custodial father has rights as a father whether he pays child support or not. Of course we here at Child Support believe that a man should take of his child or children financially.

But more importantly, we believe that a man should be in the child's life as a positive father figure. On the the other hand, please understand that child support and visitation are not the same.

This means that paying or not paying child support has nothing to do with visitation or seeing your child. We speak on this issue because many fathers and mothers don't understand the difference.

If you don't pay child support as a father, you still have a right to see your child. The key is you need court ordered documentation to help enforce the visitation. And the same goes if you pay child support too.

Some fathers think that just because they pay child support, that they have automatic rights to see their child. This is only partially true. what we mean is this.

Yes, you do have a right to see your child, but without court ordered documentation those rights are not valid. We discuss this and other issues in detail on our fathers rights page and our child support and visitation section.

Also please understand that the child should come first. Mom's, please don't keep the kids from seeing their father even if they are not paying child support. Yes, you are entitled and deserving of receiving child support payments from your child's father.

If you are not receiving child support there are steps you can take to start or enforce payments. Keeping the children away from the father is not the right move to make. Your child's mental and emotional state are at hand, and both parents should be in the child's life.

Fathers please establish some sort of court visitation schedule through the court system. This way you will have documented legal rights pertaining your children. This also decreases your chances of having confrontations and conflicts with the child's mother.

It's not a total solution to parental problems, but it gives you more ground to stand on dealing with your fathers rights in child support situation.

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