Father wont pay child support and the DSS is involved

by shannon

I am writing this case about my cousin in NC .She is a single mother of 2 children and the father knows how to work the system or the DSS isn't doing there job . To start with the father shares custody on paper and 3 yrs ago he went took her to court to get his support lowered. He had rotated weeks for 1 month prior to going to court when he went to court he told the judge he was sharing custody with mother so the judge lowered his support.

After court he did share the custody for another month 1 week on and 1 week on then stopped . So that went on for approx 2 yrs . Then he takes a job over seas on a gov contract making eight thousand a month . So the mother had been trying to get him to change the amount since she was raising the children and he said no.

So she went to the DSS office in Oct of 2010 and reported this issue to the first the social worker ask her don't you have a job ? And the client replied yes I work 2 jobs and I still rate food stamps.

Then the social worker said she couldn't do anything because she didn't know where the father was employed so the mother went on the internet and got the address and the name and phone number for the father. Took it back to the office and DSS told her his amount that he should be paying was going to be $1300.00 a month.

But they couldn't do anything til they could serve him with the paperwork . So 11 months pass and he had been coming home every 3 months during that time for 2 weeks at a time and nothing done by DSS . And then he returns home for good and they said they don't have his address so the mother in the case again has to go fine his address and info DSS . So they serve him with papers and the court date set for Jan 13 th 2012 @ 0900 hrs.

The mother goes to the court house and takes a day off work for the date sits there until 1500hrs until the social workers comes in and tells mother to step outside so they can talk. So she starts by telling the mother hat she is so sorry but the father called and told her the day before that he had a court date somewhere else (and they didn't check into it because the father didn't have a court date he bold face lied ) and he did want to settle this out of court because 11 yrs ago he was a cop and he didn't want anyone who he had arrested might see him and know he was a dead beat dad.

Now all of this came from the social workers mouth . And she didn't call the mother because he said he would tell the mother . He also told the social worker he had been keeping the children every other week which is a lie.

He had forgotten to tell the worker that he never keeps the boys at the same time and only 1 day in the last 4 weeks and he tells the mother he cant keep them at the same time because he cant handle them so he drops one of them off at his mothers So how can he be keeping them not to mention the fact that on Christmas the kids wanted to stay the night with them so the mother takes them to his house and while in the house he tells her they better not touch his tv , microwave, food or anything or he will kill them.

So please tell me how she can get help!

I have tired looking up pro bono lawyers because she cant afford to get a lawyer . where is the help for the children the mother has already call the Governor with no help.

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