father wants me to sign agreement to waive back child support

by judi
(Kansas City Missouri)

I have been divorced since 2001, and have 2 kids now aged 23 and 16. The father moved out of state before the divorce was final and didn't leave his address info. It took support enforcement in Missouri over 5 years to find him (in Las Vegas NV) and get his wages garnished. He was originally ordered to pay $985/month, then several years ago he managed to get the amount reduced.

I was not notified of the reduction until after the court approved it. He has never willingly sent any money, only what has been garnished, which is sporadic and unpredictable since he continues to work under the table and for different contractors to try and avoid garnishment. He called and is asking me to sign an agreement to waive all back support (over $87,000) and accept only $250/month from him until our daughter moves out of the home, which he says will be at 18.

Our son is in college and supporting himself since I don't get very much support money and have to use it mostly to pay utilities and care for my 16 year old. I am not willing to sign away what is owed my children. Can he get the court to waive the back support without my consent? I am concerned since I wasn't notified about the reduction and had no chance to appear in court and voice my objections.

I can barely buy food and pay bills with my income. Thank you for any information you can give - I am trying to avoid calling a lawyer because I cannot afford it.

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