Father Owes Back Child Support And On Social Security Disability

My daughter's father has been unemployed since Dec. 2007 and has not paid court ordered child support since that time. I have not pushed the issue with the child support division as I knew that he was trying to get approved for SSD. Well, he was approved last week after almost 2 years of trying. He is stating to me that our 7yr. old daughter will be back paid for the time that he did not pay support in one lump sum and that she will also start receiving benefits from this point on. I need to know if this in true. We are located in Noble County, IN. Is there anything I need to do? Thanks in advance

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This Is Normally True
by: Child Support America Team Member

Normally this is true when someone receives SSD or social security disability. Also normally the back pay is not for child support, it's simply money owed being back dated from the time your ex filed for SSD.

I think you and your daughter will be ok. We do recommend that you contact the social security administration in the state of Indiana just to be sure.

Thanks, and contact us anytime via this post.


by: Anonymous

I've just been approved for social security disability,and I wanted to know will child support take my lump sum payment for back support.I live in conneticut and my kids live in alabama'I also have them on my disability.

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