Father Interfering With Mothers Time With Children

by Ayn Trent
(McKinney, Texas)

In my divorce decree it states the schedule for visitation. In the year of 2010, it is my turn to have my children for Christmas.

I live in McKinney, TX with my mother at this time as I have been diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepititas. It is a liver disease in which I am in Stage IV being the worst and a liver transplant is in my future. My family has been helping me because of my illness and also helping with my being able to see my children. I have seen the children in September and the first weekend of October. My mother brought me to Atlanta from Texas to make my visitation possible. My family is also going to pay for plane tickets for my children to fly to Texas for the Christmas holiday. I am scheduled to get them December 22-29. Last year I went by the court papers and had to wait for my week to get the children in which I didn't have a problem.

My children are very excited to come to Texas and visit with their relatives they have not seen in several years. They are upset at the fact that they may not be with me on Christmas day.

The ex, Steve Piacentini, is telling me I will not be getting the children on my scheduled time in which he is saying he will have them on Christmas morning and visit with his family. He also says I have to fly to Atlanta, drive from the airport to his house, pick the children up, go back to the airport and board the plane back to Texas. This will repeat on the trip back. Since plane tickets will have to be purchased, I would like to settle this ASAP as the earlier we purchase the tickets, the cheaper they will be.

Steve is very difficult to get along with. He is ugly to me verbally. My daughter told me this weekend that she does not like the way her Father talks about me. She says he never says anything positive about me. I understand that to the courts this kind of communication is heresay; however, this was said by my daughter. I purchased a phone for my childen and my Mother added the phone on her AT&T mobile plan. Steve uses this phone as punishment and takes it away from the children. I communicate with my children on a daily basis via phone or text, send cards to them in the mail, etc. I have a great relationship with my children but Steve always inteferes when it comes to my time with them.

I pay child support in the amount of $300/month. I am paid up through June 2010 in which I had to move to Texas in July because of my illness. Because I have had so many Doctors appointments (I am being seen by a Liver Specialist at UT Southwestern), having lab work done 4 times a month, weekly Dr. visits, tests being run, upcoming stress test...The Dr. is experimenting with the medication to see if my immune system can tolerate it.

I have been looking for a job on a daily basis via internet and driving to leave resumes. One of my Dr's advised that I file for disability in which I have done and am waiting to hear an answer.

Please advise as to what I need to do to get my children for Christmas without any problems. I can not make the trip to Cumming for court because of all the Dr's I need to see weekly and I have to work around their schedules.

Thank you for your advice and time.

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Christmas Visit
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Ayn,

Thanks for your post and we are sorry for your situation and illness. Our first question is, since it is your year to have the kids for Christmas, why is your ex saying that the children will stay with him this year?

Does he think it's his year or is he just being vindictive? Please let us know, so we can further assist you.


Christmas Visitation
by: Anonymous

He is being vindictive. Yes he knows it is my year to have the kids. He gives me a fight just about everytime I get the kids. He has issues. I personally believe that the kids love being with me so much and when it is time for me to take them home by 6:00 on Sunday evenings...our crying usually starts around 3:00 that afternoon. The kids and I huddle in a circle of hugs for our goodbyes and I think he gets jealous of my relationship with them. He does not say nice things about me to the kids. I do not bother him except to talk to him about getting the kids. There are a lot of things I disagree with in his upbringing with the kids but I do not voice my opinion...

I stay out of his business. When I do get the kids...he tries to tell me what to do with them on my time. I am struggling with this. The kids and I talk about Christmas and they are upset knowing they may not be here with me this year. I have researched and read that chid support and visitation are two separate issues and this is not the kid's fault and neither parent can keep the other from seeing the children unless there is abuse, drugs, etc. involved which is not the case. Am I correct in this thinking? It upsets me knowing my family would have to purchase another ticket just for me to fly with them 2 hours. I don't even think my family will even do this. Thank you.

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