Father In United States Owes Child Support To Son In Philippines

by Lot Santiago

My common law husband and I separated 4 years ago due to many issues. He is an American Citizen and I am residing here in Philippines with our son. I have always asked him to support his kid by consistently providing just $100-200 per month as I understood the financial difficulties he was going through. He did not respond to the requests that I made. I was trying to resolve this issue on our end first before escalating such to lawyers or to any other degree. I've consulted some here in our country and I was told that if the father is not a citizen of our country, then he has no obligation to our son. This doesn't seem just and right that's why I wish to consult your expertise on this. How will this be addressed? He seemed to have escaped from the obligations and responsibilities he has for our kid. I've been communicating with him about this and he seemed not to cooperate well. He would always give excuses of having no work and low financial income for the last 4 years and my being lenient has gone too far for him already. Please help me with this. Thanks!

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Sorry For All Your Troubles
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Lot,

We are sorry for your situation and thank you for contacting us. Do you happen to know the state here in the United States where your son's father lives. Please respond via this post?


Child Support
by: Anonymous

I need help too. I have a 2-year old son. His father is a US Citizen. We are not married. I want him to provide financial support for our son. My son already has a US passport.


Child Support
by: Anonymous

My Child's father lives in the state of New York and has not been supporting his child who is eight years old. We are all Jamaicans by birth. He migrated and got married (not sure of his legal status). How do I proceed?

not employed
by: Anonymous

we have a case on DCSS but the non-custodial parent doesn't have work up to now(he resigned while the case is on going...). previously, we received from his unemployment benefits. is your good office don't have the right to force the non-custodial parent to get a work for his child here in the Philippines? what will happen to my daugther now?

father in united states owes child support to son in the philippines
by: michael

hello maam sir, im michael and my father is american, i been looking for him, in my 28 years of living, since i born, i grow in a very bad situation, no own house for shelter and i stop studying bcoz of finacial; problem, and now i find my father tru facebook, and but i dont think he was like to help me, i really need help so badly bcoz i wanted to finish my study and right now, i9 only alone, my mother didnt have supporting me bcoz she cant afford and he have own life...... but right now my life is in bad situation bcoz i cant eat always and bcoz i dont have job for me to earn, that is why i like to ask help from my father..... i hope there is someone can help me to talk my father out there...... plzzzzzzzz

child support
by: Anonymous

The problem is that there is no reciprocal agreement between the United States Federal Government, any of the 50 states, or its territories with the Philippines regarding child support. Meaning any judiciary action taken in a Philippines court regarding child support will not be enforced in the United States. In order for the American father to be court ordered to pay support the order must come from a judge in the state that he is residing. Many states require the child to be a US citizen and mother present to do this. Even if you were to have the financial capacity to visit the United States in order to file the petition. There is no system in place to keep him paying support to the child once you return to the Philippines.

child support caim
by: Anonymous

I would like to ask if i can file a child support for my 1 year old baby. I'm not married to his father who is American my baby is illegitimate. But his father acknowledge him and sign the NSO birth certificate and file the CRBA here in US consulate in Cebu. My baby is now American Citizen. Can my baby claim for child support even if were here in Philippines residing. I have the address of the company where he is presently working and home address in States. I just want to legalize the support for my baby's future since, I don't have any holds for him. I found out that he have another girl and seldom he send us money. And I don't have work now coz he told me to quit my job when I get pregnant. Please give me advice what to do to file child support.

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