Father in prison

by Brittany
(North Carolina)

It's a pretty straight forward (though tragic) case. January 2004 divorced, February 2005 father was arrested for the aggravated sexual assault of our then 2 1/2 year old daughter. Protection order issued in March 05, sentenced to 5 years in Prison for the assault June 06, November 06 PO becomes a permanent injunction (due to the conviction). Present: Hired attorney in March of 2010 to start the termination, yet to have a court date but it should be right around the corner. Father has gone back and forth about whether he will voluntarily sign away his rights (eliminating certain steps and costs in legal process). He has asked for 20,000 in arrears to be forgiven. My child is not for "sale" and I refuse to oblige him. His attorney is going to request that they be forgiven. I am just wondering how likely a judge is to forgive the arrears. He is the reason the TPR is taking place, why should I forfeit what he already owes me for monies already spent on the child? TPR in Texas, step parent adoption is in NC.


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