Father In Another Country

by John

I am a Green Card holder in the USA because I married my girlfriend. It was a bona fide marriage. However, I have an illegitimate child in the Philippines. I have never seen the child before, because my ex-girlfriend had the child while I was in the United States. I wanted to know if my ex-girlfriend would be able to go to the US embassy there to find me if I cannot pay child support because I am currently with my wife,and we have a lot of bills and finances to take care of. Please help. I don't want that situation to endanger my future with my wife in the USA who I love dearly.

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That is just wrong
by: Joleen Vento

Why would you not want to pay for your child? That is just plain wrong. If you didn't want to support a child then you shouldn't have been messing around. I hope she finds you.

Youre Heartless!
by: Anonymous

I agree!! Youre a dead beat dad!! I hope she finds you!! Or even better if she doesnt find you I hope what you get what you deserve and that is Karma!! Why would you not want to support your child!! I hope that child grows up and becomes something fantastic is it then you will acknowledge your child? Dont you have a conscience? Is that all you can think about is money? How about the childs well being? Its parents like you who make me sick!!!

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