False Day Care And Back Child Support

by C Cifaldi

My ex wife was awarded day care back in 2008 after she told the judge she was employed full time and my son needed to be in day care. I found out a short time later that not only has he not been enrolled in day care since 2007 but she was fired 10 day's before the hearing and has not been employed since. She also owes me $2000.00 in travel she has not paid. I do owe back child support and have been paying it off since 2007. Since she lied about her job, daycare and not paying her court ordered portion of travel or medical, can I ask the judge to take the $3000.00 in day care $2000.00 in travel off the back child support?

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear C Cifaldi,

Yes you may ask the judge. The judge may or may not agree to that but either way if you can prove this your ex can be in contempt of court as well. Do you have a court date scheduled for this hearing yet?


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