Facilitate The Non Custodial Parent Too

by D Rogers
(Essex N.J.)

In 2007, despite always having directly paid support to my son's mother, I noticed a NJ child support deduction from my payroll. After I inquired, I realize that a child support order had been issued.

Although I have worked for the same company for the last 16 years, and could have easily been found, I have never been informed that there was any dispute to the adequacy of child support that I was providing.

The order states that there is support in arrears. Finding someone to help me find why this is so when there was no previous order in place has been a nightmare. I have left and a series of unanswered voice mail. The times that I have spoken to someone, they don’t seem to have any information on how the arrears we determined.
While a myriad of help is provided for the custodial parent, I am on my own. I would like to resolve this situation but it is quite overwhelming.

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VIP Membership Program
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello D,

This is a classic example of why we started our VIP membership program. Are question to you is have you spoken to your case worker yet?


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