ex-wife has been ordered to pay weekly child support

by kevin poole
(lexington south carolina)

2001 my ex- wife and i got a divorce,she agreed to pay child support at 552.00 per month,she did not pay any for 5 yrs,so the balance got to over 27,000.00,she got caught in 2006 on a traffic violation and was jailed for not paying child support.

she paid 5000.00 and got out of jail.
from the summer of 2006 to the summer of 2007 she paid on time,after this she refused to pay again so i had to buy me an attorney for help,but he has been no help.

in 2009 i agreed to let my ex modify her support payment which was the advice of my attorney,so it happened and my ex again failed to make her court ordered payments,,but heres the thing,when she knows she's going to court about this,she comes up with all the money she's behind on and when we go to court the judge decides on a continuance,and she walks free.

2010 we go to court again to modify her payments,on the advice of my attorney the payments are modified to 60.00 a week,,guess what i haven't received a payment in 27 weeks and she's 23.000.00 in rearages.

i have called my case worker for 27 weeks and have yet to receive a call back,I've contacted dehec nor will they respond.

my ex wife does not visit our child even though we live only 15 miles from her.

my ex-wife gave my daughter 20.00 for her birthday and took her to dinner but my child had to give the money back to pay for the meal.
if i was not paying i would be in jail,she does not pay and that's okay with the Lexington county south carolina court system.

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