Ex-wife cut off contact

by Nick
(Phenix City, Al)

I already know that I can file contempt charges against her for violating the court agreement. I just have not wanted to make things more difficult by upsetting his mother. They are extremely close and he may resent me for taking her back to court...but, now the circumstances have changed a little. I was just let go from my job "involuntarily" and I currently have no income. I plan to file for unemployment and I have a few items that I can sell to get by for a little while anyway. I know that I can also file for modification of my child support payments due to my current situation. I just don't have any extra money at the moment and I have been trying to figure out how to go about things very inexpensively.

I have never missed a child support payment and I know that the ex is now paying a hefty truck payment and insurance for my 16 year old son Zachary (he did get to drive over and see me right after my birthday for an hour or so the other weekend). The dislike between his mom and I is already horrible. I definately do not want to be the reason that she can no longer afford to make his truck payment. I plan to do whatever it takes for that not to happen. My fiancee also agrees to pitch in where possible. She just believes that I deserve my given rights and only wants to help if I can actually spend time with my son for all of our efforts.

Oh yeah, one more thing...in the divorce decree it clearly states that she was to pay me $5000 within three years after our divorce on 2001 for the equity on the house that she is living in. She has not paid any money to me. It also states that "if the husband arrears in his support obligation" then the wife shall deduct it from the $5000 that she now owes to him. I just need help sorting all of this out and for the least money possible. I also just moved to Alabama and she lives in our old home in Georgia (only a few miles away).

thanks for any help, Nick

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Grow some
by: Seriously?

He,ll resent for abandoned him and being absent. Youe ex is a pucho. Yu must be there for him. If you have to go bamkrupt fighting her your sons well being is worth it.

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