Ex-Wife And Son Moved To Minnesota From Ohio

by Brian Meade
(Barberton, Ohio, USA)

I have a ten year old son from a previous marriage. I haven’t seen him since he was three due to him and his mother moving to Minnesota. I found the mother on Facebook finally. She acted like she was going to talk to me and asked for my phone number. After a week she never contacted me and her profile was deleted. I just want to know how my son is doing and what I can do to maybe see him eventually. I pay my child support, and have done do for awhile. I believe I at least deserve to know how my son is doing. What should I do?

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What you can do
by: Child Support America Team Member


You have an uphill climb, but this can accomplished. You are going to have to file a motion for visitation in the state of Minnisota. This means that you will need to travel in person or hire an attorney to file this motion for you.

It's going to take some mental, emotional, and finacial effort on your end to make this a reality but it's worth it for your son. If you need legal help check out our VIP membership page for discounts on legal fees.

We are also assuming that you don't have her address or phone number correct? You can answer via this post.


No cpntact info
by: Brian Meade

No I do not have her phone number or address...And the address the child support has I believe is a P.O. Box.

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