Ex wife wants a modification to child support

1st your Honor , I have a spouse that is unemployed due to medical reason in which we have a premature newborn baby girl that is only 3 months old with special needs. That alone Your Honor, is causing a financial hardship for me, because I have to pay all our bills alone and provide financial support for my daughter.

2nd Ms Sawyer claims on her petition to the court reason for modification is due to inflation in the economy and our son is older, in terms has more needs. To my knowledge Your honor inflation only affects those that are working. Ms Sawyer can work but chooses not to, due to the fact she enjoys getting free assistance from the government, also gets child support for 2 of her children, and has 2 other children by 2 separate fathers.

She also says her reason for modification is due to out of pocket medical expenses. Your honor I have proof today that since 2008 Ms sawyer has been manipulating and lying to me about our sons medical cost. While serving our country in Iraq from Oct 2007 until Jan 2009, Ms sawyer informed me that our sons out of pocket medical expenses for his Asthma would be about 50 -75 dollars a month. So what any good father would have done is assist with the cost.

I mailed ms Sawyer home a prepaid master card from my bank USAA in my son’s name. (HAND THE JUDGE THE PREPAID CARD DOCUMENTS) For over 8 month I added over 800 dollars to assist with the cost. When I viewed the cards bank statements, I found out she was not paying for any medical expenses, but she was shopping at woman clothing and shoe stores, so I cancelled the card.

I also have statements from my insurance company stating that my son has never had any co pays what so ever. (HAND THE JUDGE THE INSURANCE DOCUMENTS) The only co pay my son has had was at college city Drug in Marion for his ongoing Asthma. I also have records indicating that my son only get prescription medication 3-4 times a year, and when he does the co payment range from 12- 27 dollars. (HAND THE JUDGE THE College City DOCUMENTS) Your honor my mother and I have paid over half of these co payments and along Ms Sawyer has paid some.

The last medical expense is when he goes to the dentist. I have an emailed from the my sons dentist office in Tuscaloosa, AL, stating my has never comes in for a check-up, but only comes in when he is in pain. There are no co payments for check-up, and only a co pay when there is major dental work. Even when there was a co payment for dental I have more documentation showing where I paid with my Visa and master card and my mother has written one check also. (HAND THE JUDGE THE DENTAL INSURANCE DOCUMENTS)

I don’t understand how Ms sawyer can have out of pocket medical expenses when there is no co payments for doctor or dental visits, and only a 12-28 dollar coy pay for his prescription in which he only get about 3 – 4 times a year in which she been getting child support for this since 2005.

If Ms Sawyer would attempt to go get at least a part-time job, then maybe she can pay
In closing Your honor I feel as though based on the previous eveidence and proffed I provide, clearly shows that Ms sawyer is clearly not responsible and trustworthy based on the previous examples I provided such as the prepaid master card and mismanaged the funds I provided.
I have gone above and beyond my obligation to the original child support order, trying to do what’s best for my son. During the summer months when I wasn’t deployed to Iraq I had my son for over 60-70 days in which Ms sawyer remained receiving child support from me. (HAND THE JUDGE THE PREPAID CARD DOCUMENTS) Every time it was time for me to take him home within the 45 days allowed time, ms sawyer refuse to take him back until a few days before school. Those in term made me accrue additional day care fees.

I have not spoken or seen my son since Aug 2009, because Ms Sawyer refuses to answer any of my calls. The last time I saw him is when I visited his school in Dec 2009 to inquire about his education, but I was rejected by Turner Elementary school from gaining any information or seeing him. When I asked why, the school informed me that Ms Sawyer did not want me or my mother to visit, see, or inquire about his education. Here is the letter Ms Sawyer gave the school. (HAND THE JUDGE THE Letter Pippen WROTE)

I don’t know why Ms Sawyer is even here today. I understand the economy is slowing recovering and has affected everyone, especially the middle class American. I don’t know see how she can pay a car note on a 2010 Honda accord but claims she can’t afford the basic necessities for our child. when she has constantly lied about the financial situation with our son, she won’t let me see or talk to him anymore,

So Your Honor I respectfully request you take into consideration the facts I have presented to you today and into consideration of my unemployed wife and premature newborn bay girl into your decision today. Thank you.

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