Ex Wife To Forgive Child Support Arrears

by Dale A. Haydon
(Clearfield Utah)

My ex and i split many years past, i was found in default during the divorce and slandered in court due to the fact that i wasn't informed of the date and time. she and her lawyer proposed that i made $3000 plus a month when the fact of the matter was i had a part time job making minimum wage...it was ordered that i pay $900 a month.

I found this out much later...i made several bad choices involving illegal drugs due to severe depression and ended up doing time in the Utah state prison...she never let me have visitation rights or even let me have any sort of contact with my children...she moved out of state without even leaving me a way to stay in touch before the divorce was even final, and claimed to be a resident of Utah to be able to have the divorce finalized, while at the time she was a resident of Nevada using her parents address to accomplish her goals.

Several times Ive had to track her down on the internet with hopes of at least some sort of contact with my girls yet each time i would find her again she would deny me even a phone conversation with my children. many years have passed and my child support debt has grown to outrageous amounts. i am working on getting disability benefits from social security, yet due to the exorbitant amount of my arrears im not able to get an attorney to help me obtain benefits.

And my debt grows more. about a year ago she contacts me with a proposal that if i sign over all my rights as a parent she is willing to forgive all of my back support. i labored over the decision, yet found it in the best interest of all involved to agree. then today i receive an e-mail saying no matter if i do sign the papers, i will still owe all the arrears, there is nothing she or anyone else can do to get my back support forgiven or even reduced...i just want to get on with my life but she is doing all in her power to keep me down...

So my question is, can she, if she finds it in her heart, forgive my arrears legally so i can move on and try to pick up the pieces of my shattered life?

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by: Anonymous

No she cannot remove the arrears. the court has to and they aren't going to. You should get your facts straight. you abused them. you almost had jan put in jail because of your drug abuse and selling that crap.. you are not innocent and you have always known where they are. you did not care about the kids when they lived with you. you were doing drugs in front of them. depression my butt. you are and always have been a screw up drug user. I hope she sues you for slander.

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