Ex wife petitioned to stop child support

by David Sampson
(Cleveland, Ohio )

My ex wife and I have a very good relationship and I live up to her expectations as a Father concerning our son. Circumstances in the past led me to incarceration and I did fall behind on my payments during this time. After my release I began a new relationship with my Son and have become the Father that my ex wife had expectations of. I take him more often than she ever expected, I'm involved in his schooling and help her in the best way I possibly can. Employment has been hard to come by but I am making every attempt to make payments on my child support order. I have been making steady payments although they are not what I am ordered to pay.

Although I am entitled to a modification I have been refused by the magistrate to a modification in Medina County and I am being threatened with Legal action if I do not become current on my child support. My ex wife has gone as far as telling Medina County Courts that she does not want Child Support and would like the arrears to be forgiven. The Magistrate states by law she cannot do this because its MANDATORY that I pay child support. I have went before the case manager to explain my situation and have only gotten a statement from him that he feels "I am a dead beat Dad". What can my ex wife and I do?

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