Ex Wife Lying On Child Support Motion Papers

My ex wife just hired a lawyer to try to increase the child support payment and on the motion she is saying that at the time of the divorce she didn't have a lawyer.

Not true. She did had a lawyer. Also saying that she paid some money to her sister for child care and now my son is attending to YMCA This is not true.

He never had child care and he is not attending to YMCA. What will happen in court when I mention to the judge that she is lying about those things? Thanks

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Child support motion papers
by: CSA Staff

Hi VIP member,

The first piece of advice we would offer would be to seek an attorney for yourself if you can afford one.

If not, you could try to file a motion for a continuance, to try to gather as much evidence for yourself as possible.

You don't need an attorney to file for a motion for a continuance. You can call the courts or go in person and ask for the paperwork and instructions to file on your own.

Also, if you have court ordered visitation, you have the right to obtain the records from any daycare or child care center.

If you don't have documented court ordered visitation you cannot legally get those records.

Be sure to read our fathers rights and visitation page on the nav bar which should be to the left of the site.

It explains many of the rights a father has if he has documented visitation.

So, in a nutshell, we can't say what will happen when you go to court, but the better you are prepared the better things can turn out.


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