Ex Wife Lying About Child Support Situation

by George
(Slidell, la)

I have two daughters whom reside in New Jersey. They are 19 and about to turn 21. The problem is my oldest daughter was attending college, she dropped out, then I filed a motion to emancipate her. Keep in mind she had a full time job. When I filed the motion her mother had her run and enroll back into college, therefore the judge granted the motion be denied.

The motion also stated that I must be informed every semester of her classes etc. Her new semester is coming up and I have already called the school to confirm she is not attending, she has a full time job, and now lives with her boyfriend.

Also my youngest daughter will be finishing her 2 year college in June.

The problem is my ex wife works for an attorney and has cover her butt in any way shape or form, down to my daughters name not being on the lease, therefore I can't prove she is not living at home.

I don't mind paying child support, I have always been faithful paying it. But now it's just out of spite. What should I do? File another motion, just to be denied because of their mothers lies. I feel stuck, I don't have the money for an attorney nor the time to travel as I now reside in Louisiana. So where do I start? What do I do to prove the facts I know?

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi George, Thanks for your question. It is hard to prove an ex is lying, especially when you do not have any proof. You should contact the school your daughter is "allegedly" attending and ask them for written confirmation stating your daughter is not enrolled. Then file a new motion. We have a V.I.P. membership on our site with a great legal plan you may want to look into. Have you called the school recently to see if she is enrolled?


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