Ex wife dies and arrears due for 48,000

by thomas
(st.paul,mn. ramsey)

My wife had remarried and moved to Wisconsin with our .daughter i resided in Minnesota.ramsey co.was the home base of our divorce proceedings. anyhow i owed a principle of 16,000.00 and yhe rest is accumulated interest amounting to 48,000.00 to date. she has along with ramsey co filed judgments on the amount i owe.she up and dies about 6 yrs ago and left her husband the gift of my debt so he was now owner to receive and the debt goes on with ramsey co and him together well looking in the paper i find her husband has now also passed on in april 2010 what now becomes of rhis debt i owe my daughter is 40 yrs old is well financially i am on ssi since this year i am 60 yrs old i have had no license to drive for twenty +yrs i am a lic pipe-fitter so i have paid many impounds fine tows and jail time what do i do now the judgment comes up for renewal 4 11 any info you can give or direct me to would be soooo great! thank you t v

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Learn to write
by: Anonymous

Before asking a question, why don't you try to write in English that can be comprehended to the people who read these posts?

You are still a DEAD BEAT
by: Anonymous

I hope they take your social security. It does not matter if your daughter or your ex-wife is a MILLIONAIRE! YOU STILL OWE EVERY PENNY. Your ex-wife had to support YOUR child BY HERSELF because you were a LOSER. Whoever inherits from your ex-wife's husband should collect the money until the day YOU die.

thats bull
by: Anonymous

I realize that yes he may have owed that but jeez let it go already, everyone is dead except the well off daughter who is obviously not worried about it or she would have file an order to do something about it. It certainly should not go to heirs of a dead ex husband of an ex spouse.

by: Anonymous

To the above posts...No she did not have to support the child by herself. She had a husband to help pay the rent, utilities ect...since when should a man have to pay the woman and new husbands living expenses, child support is to cover the child needs.
I never read that he did not pay child support, only that he is in arrears so how do you figure she raised the child on her own? He stated he is in arrears, do you have any idea how easy it is for the man to fall into arrears??? First of all child support can, and usually does get set on "unearned" income such as overtime , bonuses ect. So the following year a company they work for could be slow and may not offer overtime so the child support payer can easily fall into arrears every week at no fault of their own. It's people like toss the phrase "deadbeat"
What makes a deadbeat?
Take overstated amounts of child support
pay all the taxes (some states)
tack on health insurance
tack on medical bills
tack on 10 -12 % interest
take up to 60% of their income

It's no wonder some men take flight, and I do not blame them

yeah, makes me proud to be a woman!

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