Ex wife died and I have joint custody

My ex-wife lived in RI and I was staying in MI due to family health problems for the last 8 mts.I received a phone call from the police telling me my ex-wife died and I needed to come to get my children.I have shared joint custody with physical placement of the children.their mother and I have never had a problem with the children.Well somehow my sister and my aunt have gotten a layer and are trying to Adopt my children.

I went to police station after being told to,to go pick them up and the police told me they were at the courthouse trying to get custody.I raced there and now DCYF has custody of them with placement in my sisters and aunts house which I have a restraining order against.One DCF worker has already cleared me of abuse and negelct.

My problem is I am, here with my mother sleeping on the floor of my uncles living room,I have not been served any papers and I don't have my children.I have been allowed visitation and my children have expressed to me that they want to be with me and are willing to move to MI with me...I am at a loss,I have no money..I had a job interview that I couldn't go to..please I need help,I need to be with them,they have already lost their mother they don't need to lose their father...Thank you

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