Ex Son In Law Keeping Child Support Money

by Penny Barlett
(Hillsboro, Highland County, OH)

Our ex son-in-law has abused, neglected, tortured and beaten our handicapped grandson all of his life. For the past 2 years we were not even allowed phone contact with him or his sister. When he was 18, we received a phone call from the sheriff's department stating that Joseph had no place to live and needed a home. We agreed to come immediately and pick him up.

That was July 16, 2010. My ex son-in-law dropped Joseph from medical benefits on July 31, leaving Joseph without his medicaid coverage even though Joseph has epilepsy. A portion of my daughter's court mandated child support is supposed to pay for the CHIP medical care.

We have not heard from our ex son-in-law to date and have provided all care for our grandson. We do not need or want any contact or support from him or our daughter, although our daughter has sent money directly to her son in addition to the child support that is going to her ex. She cannot get the Warren County Child Support Enforcement Agency to review the case. The money is not going to the child. We now have complete Guardianship of my grandson and he is in school in Highland County where we live. We have reinstated his Medicaid services and he now has Social Security benefits.

I contacted Warren County and they say I have "no interest" in this case even though the child who is supposed to be receiving support is in my home, in my care, and my husband and I provide his support. How can I get someone to review this without hiring an attorney at my own expense? What happens to the money that was sent for child support for a child who doesn't live with this man?

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