Ex owes arrears

by maria
(hampton virginia)

My ex husband owes only arrears payments because my son has been adopted. In our divorce decree he was to pay me 230 a month in which he never did. So it built up to over 17000 over a 5 year span. Right after my son was adopted they department of child support dropped all the interest and it was down to a little over 12,000. Which he still didn't make any payments.

Then last year he told them that he was unemployed so he couldn't make the 230 payments(got 1 payment by then) so they lowered it to 60 a month. I know for a fact he's been working under the table and not filing taxes over the years and refuses to pay any child support to my son which is 19 now. What can I do to settle out the rest of the money that is owed to my son? I live in Virginia he lives in New Mexico and the division of child support acts as though they don't care or they poke things a long in a slow pace.

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