Ex Lied to get Cash and Food Aid

by Chris

In May of 2007 a false Child Support Case was opened up against when my soon to be ex signed up for Cash and Food aid. She did not have all 3 children living with her as she claimed, they were living with me. She moved out of our condo about 7 months prior into her mother’s house about 4 miles away, other than her seeing the kids 2 sometimes 3 times a week, they lived with me.

My ex told me about a month after she signed up for aid what she had done. She claimed that we would get discounted child care and that it had nothing to do with me and she would close the aid case a couple months after the Child Care was approved. I was never served or received an order, which makes me believe that had a friend step in as me and sign or receive them.

I was not aware of a Child Support Case until months later when I found old mail while packing to move out of the condo. I called the fraud hotline 2 times back then but really did not think much of it because the kids were with me. She told me oh its nothing and don’t worry I will close it etc etc.

She then moves to Bakersfield in Jan 2008 takes the kids keeping them for a little over a month, no contact, was told it was none of my business etc. Mid February she calls me saying she can't take care of them and wants to know if I would take them. So I did and they again lived back with me.-Yet she is on aid still claiming she has them-

It was not until I signed up for aid after losing my job (because i had no one to watch my children) working as a IT Administrator for Walt Disney Studios that I signed up for aid & was questioned by the intake worker who told me that my ex had a case opened with all 3 kids. The worker then had someone come to my place and meet the kids and see that they were living there with me. The worker said 2 cases can't be open and I told her well you can see I have the kids with me. I called it fraud at that point and called to report it 2 times and not one thing was done

So my ex still on aid supporting her boyfriend and his son finds out about my open case and freaks! I had no clue when she called and asked to see the 2 younger ones what she was up to. I said sure not knowing that she marched them straight into the Social Services office and pretty much said look here are 2 of them.. She then tried to get custody of my oldest that continued to and has lived with me.

So today I owe about 85,000 in back pay. I have called the fraud hotline; I let the DA know back in 2008, I'm now getting 360.00 taken from my check every week. I have affidavits from neighbors that saw my kids every day; I have a lease with their names on it. I don’t know what to do in fear that since we are getting along and the kids are seeing each other, that she will pull something when she finds out that I filled a formal complaint online reporting her for fraud. I also sent a letter to the Ombudsperson Division
She even claimed all 3 kids on her taxes 2yrs in a row and kept the money, I even have copies of her returns!!

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put er in jail
by: Anonymous

Report her to the LA County Social Services Fraud Unit and have her put away!!!

Response to ex lied to get cash aid
by: Anonymous

You are so naive. First off DONT ever expect a damn thing from DCSS. They don't care if she committed fraud or not. They know you are a high wage earner and they can get the money at some point. They will even attach your pension if you ever withdraw it. It's called a QDRO and if you think they can't touch your pension or 401k because you can't well you will be wrong. They will even make you pay the taxes and early distributions for it.

Your ex obviously has no money to attach so they don't care what is correct. You are the big evil man who makes all the money and abandoned everyone. My husband is going through this nightmare. He was ordered to pay 3 years of arrears retroactively that there was no way he could pay. They have been garnishing tax returns, took his passport, he has paid current never missing a single payment in 17+ years and 6 months before his youngest emancipated he was laid off work. We prepaid 2 months of current and arrears payments and they took it for past due never giving it to the mother so still owe it. The welfare reimbursement of $30,000 is finally down to $17.83 but now the 10% interest annually they have which now amounts to $50,000 was transferred to his ex.

Never mind she was collecting welfare the entire time but now we can't get it reduced because it's hers and she wants to control us. She wants all or nothing and is prohibiting us from accepting a severance package because we will just pay extra taxes to have them give it to her. 23 years of busting his ass to support the kids and they all have dollar signs in their eyes. They could care less about their father now. That is what DCSS has done for the kids. They have turned them into greedy little brats. Our son doesn't care what his dad buys him only that they hang out, do things together.

He of course isn't on child support. He see how hard his dad works to put a roof over his head just to have child support now say those 23 years of working were for nothing. When you are finally done paying off the $85,000 the interest will be 20 times that. Every year it's gaining almost $10,000 in interest that at the end will be your ex wife's retirement nest egg. Good job DCSS will do for her. And I ask, how does this help the children when they won't ever see that money anyways?

Response to Ex lied to get cash and food aid
by: Anonymous

Oh I forgot to mention. DCSS will also try and levy your bank account and put a lien on your house even if you are current on all current support and are current on the arrears payment plan. They will search for any shred of so called assets and will not be satisfied until you are on the street living in a cardboard box or shelter with your other children. They don't care about any children you have living under your roof that you also need to support.

In their eyes those children shouldn't exist so they don't count unless of course they have an open case with DCSS. Then they count. There is a max they can garnish of 50% of your check so if you have other children in your home and can trust your current wife then get a voluntary garnishment order that equates to close to half of your disposable income on file with your employer. At least the money will be coming back into your own home. We have now offered his ex 50% of the balance which amounts to $25,000 directly from his Pension and she refuses to respond. It's not about the money with these people it's all about the control they have over their ex spouse.

The government should be stepping in and forcing her to be reasonable or make her attempt to collect the arrears on her own. If she was to hire an outside company they would take probably half so why isn't DCSS making her go that route. Why does she get free help when her children are all grown? She gets pleasure from the pressure she is putting on him and me. She has this vendetta against me personally because him and I are married. She has gone so far to say that if she thinks I want something done then she will do the opposite. Why isn't this considered harassment towards me? If I was to harass someone then I would be in trouble with the police but let her do it to me and the law allows it. Meanwhile she knows that are marriage is in jeapordy and she is loving it. It's the reason for her existence.

Now my husband is on Unemployment and they are seizing 25% of that yet because of his paycut he has a reason to reduce the support. Once they take the money though they won't be giving it back when it gets reduced so we are still without the money. But of course she isn't forced to go to work because they haven't made her in 18 years so why start now?

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