Ex Is Threatening For Child Support

by Rudy
(Austin, Tx)

My ex and I have two children together. I have our 17 year old son and she has our 9 year old daughter she threatens me with child support every time she wants money. My son will be going to college can she put me back on child support even though I will be supporting our son. She has also asked my son how much I make a year. She has sent ugly text messages and has not let me see our daughter as our court order states. Our son left her house to live with me when her husband kicked him out.

I dont want to be involved in any of her drama but when my son was kicked out I was not going to let him live on the street. We went back to child support court and child support was nullified. Now she wants money all the time and I have given her money on occasion she is not taking in to consideration it is our sons senior year and he is in sports so I can not give her money every time she demands it.

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by: Anonymous

First.. "Threatening" Child support? Is this to say that just because you're supporting your son that you shouldn't support your daughter as well? Second..

I personally feel that no mother should allow any man to kick HER son out. A child should always come before a relationship no matter what the issue, in my opinion. Keep receipts of all money given to your ex, this includes child support, or any extra money you may give her.

Isn't she married? Beyond child support her husband should be supporting her. I dont feel that you should just NOT give her money if she needs it for something such as birthdays or school activities or holidays things such as that but just for her to have.. I'd rethink that and always ALWAYS keep receipts!!

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