Ex Is Not Filing Taxes To Avoid Child Support

by Heather

For the last 2 years my ex has just not filed his taxes so that I will not get his return due to the back support he owes. Is there anything that i can do about this?

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Heather,

Yes you can call the IRS and report him. Are you certain he is not filing his taxes?


Let the man breathe
by: Anonymous

Maybe hes outta work because they like to take away your means to get to work. This system is bull. They take 60% of my checks and i still am unable to make my full obligation. I make min. wage, so the money i have left over per month is 650 or so. How am i supposed to live? And they take your taxes. You people make me sick!!!!!!!!

We make YOU sick?! You're disgusting!!
by: Anonymous

Why don't you stop thinking of yourself and think about the fact that you made a life and are responsible for that life physically, emotionally, and MONETARILY!! I was shocked someone had the audacity to publicly complain that they have to support their kid.

If a man is behind on support they should and will take his taxes because the minute his (or your) child was born their needs superceded all else. The court orders a fair amt and if you are paying 60% its because you are also in arrears.

Instead of whining because you can't be a deadbeat why don't you get a 2nd job and take care of your reaponsibilities!! You obviously can afford internet @home or on your phone so stop acting like your support payments make it to where you can't survive because all custodial parents know that is not the case. LOSER!!

by: Anonymous


two sided sword
by: Anonymous

My ex is over $9000 due in back child support. I've done right by my.son yet she gets to abuse the system. This woman has put 3 different men( 2 on 1 child) in jail over child support but the system wont serve justice on her. The state of Virginia should be ashamed.....if it was me I would be under the jail.

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