Ex Is Mad

I have a child with a woman I was never married too. She enjoys playing games with me through my child. She asked for a modification about 12 months ago. I turned in all my paper work she turned in none the case was denied and they did not raise my support. I have had my child every summer almost all summer for two years. I also get my daughter 4 days one week and 6 the next. I am only court ordered to every Wednesday and every other weekend.I told the mother that i was not going to get her all summer just part. This made her very mad so she said she is going to have my child support raised. I am married now with two other children and a wife. I can not afford to pay too much more child support with out losing my home. What can I do so she can not continue to play these games through the child support.Can she file again even though she just filed 12 months ago.

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Child Support Questions

Hi there! No she can not request for a modification every year. However is there a visitation order in place? if not you should strongly consider getting one. The games will stop and then she cannot break the order or else she herself could be in contempt.


court order
by: Anonymous

Their is a order for plan a which is every other weekend and every Wednesday but I enjoy getting my daughter more than that and the mother knows that

court order over 2 years ago
by: Anonymous

Their is a court order for plan a I thought that would stop the games but she found other ways to play with me and raising my child support seems to be the new one and I don't know how to stop this one.

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