Ex Husband A No Show At Child Support Hearing

by Lori "VIP MEMBER"....................................
(Nassau County, NY)

I have a child support order in place in Nassau County Family Court (NY). My ex owes over $10,000.00 in child support arrears for his two children. He lost his job over a year ago, and his unemployment has obviously run out, as that's when the income execution from his unemployment stopped. He lives in Massachusetts.

I contacted the collection unit regarding the arrears. I was given a date for a preliminary hearing, to which my ex did not show. The Magistrate indicated they would "serve" him papers indicating the new court date. I don't even know where he lives, if he's even alive, etc. What will happen now if he doesn't show or if they can't locate him?

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Court Hearing No Show
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Lori,

We are so sorry to hear about your circumstance. It just so happens that your situation is one of the hardest cases to solve.

There is very little anyone can do when the person in question cannot be located by you or the courts.

One thing we can suggest is that you check with your local child support enforcement agency to see if they offer a parent locating service.

Some CSEA agencies offer this free service as a means to attempt to find the non-custodial parent.

The other thing you can do is request that he is charged with contempt of non-payment of child support, and request that a warrant be issued on his behalf.

Again, it's tough when you cannot locate the person in question. We hope he is eventually found and feel-free to keep us updated.


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