Ex Filed With Child Services

I have been divorced for six months. Recently I fell behind in child support by 1/2 a month. My ex is not a rational person so she filed to have money taken from my check with Social Services. I received a notice from SS that they were not planning to take money from my account at this time, but it appears I have the opportunity to dispute the arrears or amount of the CS payment.

I was planning to make a payment on 3/18/11 to bring me current. According to the paperwork from SS, I have 10 days to respond to their letter. Although I do not dispute the back payment or the amount of monthly CS, I am concerned about having it taken out of my check each month through my employer. What can I do to prevent this situation from occuring if I am current on my CS?

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Stay in Contact with the agency enforcing
by: Anonymous

Ask the department for more time to pay the amount owed. If you can go into the office and speak with someone face to face that is good. Speaking with a supervisor might be necessary. They can make reasonable adjustments and accommodations as needed. If you make an agreement, be sure to keep it.

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