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estimate child support

Every state operates differently when they estimate child support. But for the most part, the same factors are taken into consideration regarding this issue. The main factors are income versus deductions.

This means that the child support system will look at how much income both the custodial and non-custodial parents are making separately. The system will then take a look at how many deductions the non-custodial parent have claimed on the case.

Allow us to explain deductions. A child support deduction is normally referred to as biological children. Meaning that the non-custodial parent can claim a certain amount of children that are biologically his or hers as deductions on the case.

The more deductions a NCP claims, the lower the child support will normally be. Many people don't understand this, which ultimately can result in paying more a month in their obligations.

Also when estimating child support, deductions can also be considered when trying to obtain child support modifications. Keep in mind that if you are comfortable with your child support order, you may not want to use your legal deductions.

In rare cases adding a deduction could possible raise your payments if your are making more money than what was previously documented. So be sure to weigh the pros and cons when estimating child support.

Did you know that the child support system will also look at the custodial parents income when estimating a child support order? So if a CP is making considerably more than the NCP this can play a huge factor in the amount of money to be paid each month.

And unfortunately it works the same way when you reverse the theory. If the non-custodial parent has a lot more income than the custodial parent the ordered payments could be set much higher.

As we stated above every state and county is different. We have even seen child support payments as low as $50 a month when a NCP is not working or has experienced other difficult circumstances. Feel-free to check our state resources on our division of child support enforcement page to obtain information and phone numbers to your states child support system.

We a have a dedicated page for all the states in the USA including the Virgin Islands. There is also a wealth of other free information and resources on our website that will help you estimate child support. And always remember that your child comes first.

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