Establishing paternity in Iowa

by Gina
(Davenport, Ia)

My son's wife had a child with another man over a year ago. They (son and wife) are trying to get divorced in Iowa but we need to establish paternity first according to our lawyer. How do we go about having the baby tested? Who else needs DNA checked? My son (who's presumed the father since they are still married)? The babie's father? Both? Where do we start in Iowa? We were told CSR would need to help establish paternity before the divorce could be started.

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by: Anonymous

Yes you can file it through the child support to have a dna test taken. I believe you can do so through the courts as well. Both your son and the other man should be tested. As well as the mother and child. Once the test results come back and the other man is showed to be the father he will be financially responsible for the child not your son.

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