Enforcement Of Visitation

by Christopher
(Dallas, Tx)

They are basically not allow me to see my children. I ask to see them and I am denied or told no because she "does not like my fiance" or "does not want them around her".

She has never done anything wrong, she is a good person and loves kids.

I have tried contacting the AG and unfortunately I am told that they DO NOT enforce visitation... This makes no sense. It's court ordered, why even bother if they dont enforce it?

Now I have not been an angel, I owe a lot of money (24,000$) I feel horrible and I am trying to make everything right and make my payments.

I am told I need to get a lawyer to take her to court to enforce her end, which I cannot afford, I can barely afford to eat let alone pay a lawyer.

I can be placed in jail for not paying? But nothing can be done about me not being able to see my kids? The law system in Texas is very sad and it goes to show no one cares about the kids, its all about the money.

What can I do?

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