Emancipation of a 21 year old in NJ

by G

I am in New Jersey. My 21 year old son, has only been in college part time. (He is currently in his third year at a 2 year community college). He has also worked full time during this time, earning $16,000 in 2008, $17,000 in 2009 and $18,000 for 2010. Can he be emancipated?

I would also like to mention that he was arrested in August for selling marijuana to an under cover police officer three times. He was arrested at his home(my exes home) where they found marijuana, a scale, baggies etc. He was given 9 counts and is scheduled for sentencing in APril.

This was the second time he was arrested. The first happened in 2009, when he was caught with marijuana and drug paraphernalia in his car. He hired a lawyer and ws able to get the charges reduced.

At this point I have no influence over the decisions he makes and since he is only a part time student earning his own income, I would like to emancipate him. Do I have a chance at being successful? I also do not want to support this behavior.

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