Drivers License Suspended

by Greg
(Hartwell, Ga U.S.A.)

I go my drivers license suspended. When i began receiving s.s.i during the month of august 2009 the superior court judge presiding over my case signed an order closing it as long as i was disabled and unable to return to work. I had no problems from child support until i received my back time{on or about aug 4 2010} and i then sent 1200.00 to c.s.r to help cover my now adult daughters college tuition.

I paid the money online with my debit card and a couple of days later c.s.r deposited the money back in my bank account because my case was closed,so i then took the money and paid her tuition directly to her college.i actually spent approximately half of my back time on my daughter or either handed to her directly to help pay for books and living expenses and was very happy that was able to do so.

Approximately 5 months later i was driving to an appointment for an mri i was pulled over for speeding and when the officer ran my license it had been suspended by child support recovery approximately 3 weeks earlier,even though i had not been served with a notice of suspension i was arrested my car was towed and i spent the night in jail.

When i later went to probate court i explained the situation to the judge and requested a hearing in superior court because i had not received notice of the suspension prior to being arrested,he the rudely told me that c.s.r. does not have to notify you that your license has been suspended.

I was then fined 250.00 for speeding which i was guilty of but i was also fined 400.00 plus 100.00 for court costs along with probation including supervision fees each month which have amounted to several hundred more dollars not to mention the 400.00 towing and storage fees on my car.

I then contacted the superior court judges office {the judge who signed the order closing my case}and they contacted c.s.r for me.a couple of days later a case worker called me and told me that they would lift the suspension and i could go pick up a new license the following day.

When a week later the suspension had not been lifted i contacted c.s.r again and the caseworker said that her supervisor would only lift the suspension if i signed a agreement to disregard the judges order and pay 100.00 a month out of my 674.00 s.s.i check.

I'm already paying 160.00 a month on the suspension charge ,i live alone and there is no way i could survive paying any more money i cant even pay my bills as it is and i have no way to get to medical appointments some of which are over 100 miles away,i even have to pay someone to take me to buy groceries,is there any way to have my license reinstated so that i can get to and from medical appointments??

I feel like im stuck between a very big rock and a very hard place and i dont know what to do

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