Don't want a divorce

by Karen

I asked my husband to move out two months ago. I told him to take a few days to think about his priorities and to come back and talk in 4 days. He does not want to come home. We have had a few issues of dishonesty on his part in the past which has spurred me not to trust him. He now wants a divorce. We have two children and I really think that we can make things work, if he would be willing. I have refused to talk about divorce without at least trying a counselor first.

We have very agreeably shared physical custody of our children during this time. Each of us takes a weekend and then I have Wednesday and Thursday while he has Monday and Tuesday. I am afraid that I am setting myself up for trouble if it does come to divorce and the judge sees that we are sharing physical custody.

Can I refuse for them to spend the night away at this schedule? Can I keep them at home and allow them to see him but not just give in to what he wants? Would this be in violation of his parental rights? We have not progressed to any official paperwork at this point.
What should I do?

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