Domestic Relations Double Dipping From My SSD For Child Support

by Ray
(New Jersey)

In 2005 I was ordered to pay child support based on my pay,( which had a lot of overtime at that time) child support has been 560.00 a month since then. As of Sept of 2009 I became disabled and started receiving partial disability workman's comp at a rate of only 90.00/week starting in October 2009. I applied for social security disability in January 2010 and Started receiving ssd in May 2010.

I received a letter from Social Security informing me that my son was probably entitled to benefits based on me being on ssd ( this, my son's mother told me that these benefits were to supplement the child support order from 2005, as she receives 430 a month from social security for my son now). Well, July 2010 when I received my 2nd ssd check, it was minus $592.00 in which I found out was an order from domestic relations for child support. well, with my son's mother now receiving $430.00 a month and had been sent a check for payments dating back to Sept,..$3,000 plus.

Well I requested a modification to my support order since she is receiving social security for my son on behalf of me. They took off the arrears back to September based on my 90.00/week. They did a two tier modification that I am really confused about. One order for the 90.00/week wc pay, in which they are suppose to be taking 55.00/month from that, but my last two wc checks ( that i receive each week) have been tapped for 69.00+ by domestic relations, that leaves me with 21.00 I am getting no return calls from this agency.

The second tier is suppose to be based on the income (1,641/month) from social security but in the order they also included the wc payments of 90.18/wk to base the support payment.
This is double jeopardy or dipping or something and I know it's not right. With collecting ssd and the small wc checks, I make way less then I did when the first child support order was rendered for 560.00 in 2005.

And now the order is for 670.00???
and as i said, I'm on ssd and wc.
I mentioned this to the officer via telephone that probably was a mistake but i have difficulty getting around with my disability)

He told me that child support is not based on my pay but pa guidelines and I know this is wrong, I feel like the took advantage of me big time, what can I do???


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