Does Closing Child Support Discontinue Modification

by Ms. Just Due

A child support order is in place set by my divorce decree. CSE has a modification case in process on behalf of my ex (it hasn't been 36 mths since the initial order began) because he claims to be unemployed (over a year) after losing his high paying job and has another kid to deduct from what I'm ordered to receive. (A ploy to lower my support - he is well educated and has high-earning potential)

If the enforcement case is closed by me, will that discontinue any court hearings scheduled for this modification? Payment is being received although not the full original ordered amount and has been attached by CSE to his retirement pay.

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Closing Case
by: Child Support America Team Member

Ms. Just Due

Possibly yes. It depends on the state and their procedures. Why do you want to close the case?


My strategy
by: Ms Just Due

My reason for wanting to close is obvious.
If I close the enforcement case ~ NO MODIFICATION CAN TAKE PLACE. Thus the original order would prevail and the payments I'm receiving automatically would continue to be processed throught the CSE office.

Ladies...Take note!!! :-)
by: Anonymous

Hope this helps those mothers struggling to make ends meet - while the so-called loving fathers sit-back and try to "weave a tangle web".

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