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My husband has a child support case in Clermont County Ohio. He did fall behind due to him trying to apply for disability. He had a pending disability case for almost two years. When he went in front of the judge- the judge said he did not care and that if he had not received disability by now then he was not going to get it.

My husband immediately dropped his disability case and tried to find work. It took him 6 months to find the job he has now. He is paying support currently. They have a work order in effect so they are getting out of his check each week.

Unfortunately during the time it took for him to find a job and honestly- he was scared. He did not go to court in August as he was supposed to. He now has a warrant with no bond and two months to serve period. We had hopes that because he now has employment and they are taking it out of his check that we could work something out so he does not lose this job.

If he loses this employment then the cycle starts back up all over again. He called the caseworker to his case. He begged her to help him stay out of jail. She said she would have to see a lump sum payment of 4k before she would be willing to take this back in front of the magistrate. She also informed him that not only would he serve 2 months but that in those 2 months he would be brought back in front of the magistrate and he would be looking at EIGHTEEN months to serve because of all this. He is petrified.

Everyone we have talked to cannot believe that they want to arrest anyone with a job who is paying. Not only that it is my impression that a bench warrant is one where they are not actively searching for you. No- the police have come to arrest him where they believe we are living.

I have MS. My son has severe ADHD, OCD and ODD. We need my husband in the home badly. It wasn't ever that he didn't want to pay. He just couldn't. Now he is doing his very best and I feel like this is some sort of debters type prison situation. Come up with this exhorbant sum of money or go to jail? We have never had 4k ever in our lives.

We receive food stamps and medicaid. I do not understand. Any advice would be appreciated. We have contacted legal aide, public defenders office- all kinds of places for help and they all say they do not take on child support cases.

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Yes we do
by: Child Support America Team Member


We are so very sorry for the delayed response on this matter. Please give us a quick update. Does your husband still have a warrant for back child support? What is the current situation on his case. You can respond via this post.


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