Do I Report This To Child Support

by A Good Mother
(Brown County Ohio)

My daughter turned 18 July of 2010 but is still in High School and collecting child support. She got upset with me,her mother, one night when her boyfriend lost his football game and she wouldn't come to the car when I asked. When I went to get her she said she was moving out. she has been living with various friends, obtaining money from her father who is financing this fiasco and her boyfriend mom lets her use her cars to get to school even after i asked her not to interfere with what I was trying to teach her. I had turned off her cell phone to just let her see waht it is like out there but her father and boyfriends family are interfering. She does not want to live with her father. She has been spending more time with her dad and now my usually sweat daughter has called me a welfare sucker and says i am going to a church that is a cult. She wanted to go there in the first place.

I am on welfare because her dad is 13 thousand behind in child support. I have 9 children and one of them has down Syndrome. I had a nervous break down this March and am recovering well. I am hardly at an employed health yet. I go to my phyc. and a councilor. I find it very difficult to work because of hom many children I have to care for I am always overwhelmed and behind. I do the best I can for these kids Sports volunteer at their school clean clothes etc.

My husband is very angry I put him out of the house because of his drug use. He is the father of all the children and a Sunday teacher for 18 years. I don't know what happened to him. The interesting part is the children take our family break-up as my fault, Very Sad! The custodial parent must deal with the backlash. My husband is a dangerous man mentally.

For instance he told the kids lawyers are expensive and I had to get one because your mon is taking me to court so i got to work a lot. He failed to tell them he is going to court because he doesn't pay his child support and if he just paid it he wouldn't need an expensive lawyer. He tells the children that he hopes their mother,me, can find it in her heart to forgive me.

Can you see the deception he hasn't stopped drinking and he hasn't asked to be forgiven. Many people have describe my husband as a narcosis. In just the few days he has spent with the runaway he has twisted with her mind. Oh My God help my children.

Anyway my question is can she leave home at 18 if she is still in High School. She is not supporting herself at all. Can the family who is keeping her get in trouble? Do I need to report this to child support? What can I do to recover her before it's too late She looks so sad.

I wanted to go to counseling but she says,(counselor only tell you what you want to hear. This was her dads famous quote when he didn't want to go to marriage counseling or drug rehab. I live in Ohio can you help me?

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