Do I Need A Lawyer To Adjust My Child Support Amount Owed

by Jerammy
(Eugene, Oregon U.S.A.)

Me and my girls

Me and my girls

I was married to my children’s mother for 8 years and now for some reason she seems to be trying to make my life impossible any way she can. We have been divorced for a few years and everything was going pretty good with me giving her money for support and her letting me see the kids without any court intervention. However, when I started seeing someone, she instantly started denying me visitation, and a wage garnishment order showed up in the mail. I am getting $528 a month taken from my check. I bring home barely over $700 a month after taxes and garnishments, and I work 40 hours a week which is all I can work in one week. I cannot afford rent and utilities now and I may lose my home, but I definitely can't afford an attorney to try to straighten out the matter. My Question is, "Do I need an attorney to make an adjustment to my child support, and if not, then what do I need to do to request the adjustment?

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What you can do
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Jerammy,

We appreciate your post. You do not need an attorney to adjust your child support. You can contact your case worker and request a modification since it's been three years since the divorce.

Also, be sure to check your paperwork from your divorce. You should have some type of visitation arrangement in those papers. If for some reason there is no arrangement we recommend you file a motion for with the courts immediately. Your ex-wife cannot legally withhold the kids from you.

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