Do I Have To Pay Child Support If My Child Lives With Me?

by Rick B.

After a yearlong custody battle over my 11 year old son my ex wife was given residential parent status. We have shared parenting. The court ordered me to pay $721 per month in child support, I also have a 14 year old daughter as part of the support agreement.

My ex wife will have my son only one weekend a month, he will be with me every other weekend, I will have him all school holidays and he will live with me June, July and half of August, until the 15th.

My question is why do I have to continue to pay the full amount of support during those 2 and 1/2 months when he is living with me? Also, I am required to carry the health insurance for both children which is expensive but then I was also ordered to pay 82% of all out of pocket medical expenses; isn't this like paying double medical expenses? If I am paying a hefty amount every month for the insurance why then do I have to pay for the out of pocket expenses too? It's like having to pay twice!!

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Did you have an attorney
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Ricky,

We need to know if you had an attorney during your custody proceedings.



by: Anonymous

yes, I did have an attorney. However, the original attorney we hired did absolutely nothing for 6 months including answering our phone calls, so we hired a new one who was very good but unfortunately had to spend her time doing damage control. It was virtually too late for her to do anything for us as the trial date was only weeks away when we hired her. In fact, the magistrate made the decision prior to trial and told our attorney that we should come to an agreement as she had already made a decision. My son, who is 11 begged to see the Judge to tell him that he wanted to live with me but we were told that the court would not count his testimony heavily enough to make a difference, that because his 14 year old sister, who also lives with his mother would miss him the court wanted to keep them together and that he can live with mr when my daughter turns 18!!!!
Furthermore the court ordered my exwife and me to work out the holidays and weekend visitation amongst ourselves as we had done for the last 4 years, well obviously now my ex is angry and is not cooperating with me in any shape or form. This is a mess and I'm being told that I can do nothing until my daughter turs 18.

Medical Insurance
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the response and we are sorry about your attorney situation. To answer your question it may be unfair to pay child support during the months your son is with you, but it's just how the system works. The only thing you could do is try to work something out with your ex to pay you back during those months, but that probably won't happen! It would also appear that you would be paying double if you have to pay 82% out of pocket medical expenses and then have to carry medical insurance as well. If it's not in your court paperwork you might not be responsible for carry it.


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