Do I have any rights when it comes to Child Support Enforcement?

by Robert
(St. Louis, MO)

This is such a messed up situation. I feel that my rights were trampled on by the system. When I was still married, my wife and I received a notice from SRS that I was being sued for child support. We were shocked because we were still married and I was living in the home. We called SRS and explained that this didn't make any sense because we were still married and living together. SRS insisted that they have to do this and would not listen to us. We fought with them for months. We finally convinced SRS that they did not have a legal reason to collect child support and they agreed to drop the case. This was just two days before the hearing. Soon after that my marriage fell apart and we went through a divorce. Two months after my divorce I filed my tax return. SRS took it all claiming that I owed 6 months of child support!

I called them and found out that they had the court hearing anyway. So they lied to me. I am still fighting with them about this and they refuse to listen to me and threaten me with jail time. And my now ex-wife is of no help. She just lies to get what she wants. I am so angry with SRS and I do not want them involved with my life at all. But they are like a leech and they refuse to leave me alone. What can I do? Keeping in mind that I don't have money to hire an attorney.

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