Do Courts Use Parental Physical Financial Responsibility

by Chris
(Laporte, Colo)

We Good!

We Good!

2002 Divorce decree never excised!

Scene 2008 I have had two request for reviews done through Larimer County Department Of Human Services, Child Support Division.
I am the actual Parent who provides physical, and financial Responsibility. I want to know how the Courts, County, and anyone else that sees this responds.
For the last 8 years children s father sees them 2x a month, with at most 18 over nights a year, during holidays, summer,
and breaks combined.
I have worked very hard to provide them a stable environment. I know what my responsibility to our children is. I have worked, and been there for them scene day 1! He does as little as he possibly can.
His income $48,000.00+, Mine at best $14.000.00+. And finally in 2008 (1st request) Human Services (CSD)Enforces a order of $226.00 a month, ($113.52 every two weeks).
Based on 2002 decree. WOO HOO.
(They even subtract money off for time he is suppose
to have them)

February 2010 (2nd request) denied!
No New Parenting Time Order from court.
States that must be a ***continuing*** and*** substantial change. Well unemployed dosent even count. But decree does.
I do not think anyone even looked at my paper work.
Well if I could afford a Attorney, I wouldn't be asking for support. He has used my financial situation to maintain his lack of responsibility! I have asked him for help, he refuses without
a court order. Little bird'y told me he knows he owes,
and that he has all the money saved. He would rather spend
his money fighting, than supporting. And he will say, and do anything to not pay.
March child support not paid (FSR). I need help!

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by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Chris,

Thanks for your concerns. Here at CSA we are a neutral party and are not a Child Support Enforcement agency. It seems as if you should request to file for a modification through your caseworker. If he is consistently being late then you can ask your caseworker about applying liens to his bank account. When a lien is ordered then CSE will automatically take out monies owed including arrears. Are you in communication with the caseworker over your case?


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