Divorce And Child Support Hearing In Court

by Damonn

This is time critical. My divorce hearing is February 10, 2009 at 11am and a child support order has been enforced and will be discussed at the appointed time as well.

1. If we are unable to agree on the issue of basic scheduling of time spent with the children, the Mahoning County Common Pleas Court: Domestic Relations Division, has drawn up a schedule that would take effect. My question is could I face charges of any kind, if I were to not adhere to that schedule?

2. I received a Notice of Medical Support Enforcement Activity and they ordered that I also pay any/all medical expenses. Is there anyway I can avoid this? I'll be relocating to Tennessee this summer and unless they are in my care, I don't understand how/why I'm responsible for any medical expenses outside of my care...I'm having difficulty paying for my own medical expenses.

3. I received an Order/Notice To Withhold Income For Child and Spousal Support. We didn't have a prenuptial agreement and we don't share property. Legally can she be granted Spousal Support with the Child Support Order?

4. Due to my mental illness(es)- Manic Depressive, Bipolar, Psychotic, Adult ADD, and Obessive-Compulsive Disorder, my therapist deemed me unfit to work at this time. Can this play into the decisions made concerning the amount of child support payments?

5. Once I gain employment, will the initial order be in affect, or will an adjustment be made based on that income?

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Limited time but we can help
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Damonn,

I spoke with your mother today on the phone, and she also explained the situation. I will be calling you soon, to set you set up on our legal plan. It's a great service and could really help you out while you are going through your divorce.

Hang in there, and I will be in touch.


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