Disibility yet still on arrears increased

I went to Dist. Court in New Mexico because the CSED Atty didn't like the offset judgment i received from the Judge. I asked the case to be dismissed and I brought a letter from SSD saying that I owed $8000 in over payment I received in Dec.

I was going to court on three other cases and one case was lowered giving me more income and the CSED Atty pointed this out to the Judge who allowed the offset of Disability Benefits but increased my arrears payments and tacked on a 20% interest rate. By law I do qualify for the fresh start program which CSED ignored which was passed by the State and placed into law. I also had other children to support.

Is there anyway to fight this arrears increased it went from $50.00 to $277.00. The interest rate is so unfair. I never was allowed to enter my letter to SSD as evidence that i wasn't receiving Workman's comp and SSD at the same time the Judge didn't want to hear it.

What can I do.

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