Disabled Son Ordered To Pay Child Support

by Gordon
(Luzerne County)

My son lost custody of his 2 teenage children, he never received (via the mail) there was a support hearing, therefore did not attend, By default the court ordered him to pay 200/mo. He is totally disabled verified via MD records. I hired an atty for him to get the support modifided, he is unable to work IN ANY CAPACITY he has applied for SSI was turned down initially an atty is currently helping him with that aspect.

Meanwhile the burden falls upon ME (grandmother of teenage children) Now at the last modification hearing, the moderator was unmoved the order still stands, now he gets notified that the mother just became unemployed and is asking for an increase. If I don't make the payments for him, he goes to jail. Now this mother is in direct contact via the sheriffs assoc. with all decision makers at our county court house. They should have recused themselves.

She also tends bar (under the table) and has been for over 14 yrs. My son received child support from her until 2 yrs ago when the children jumped shit to live with her. She lied under oath all those years at the support hearings, I didn't know then that she was affiliated with the very courts she lies to. I now have proof she lied all those years, and that she is indeed working under the table.

I don't trust anybody in this area because of her sheriff's affiliations. what can my son do,the moderator said he can get a minimum wage job,doctors verified he can't work, I am on a fixed income and this is financially devastating, I can barely support him and myself. Please help me thank you. His atty is worthless. GS

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Gordon,

Have you contacted legal aid in your city for help?


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